For many years the international community of nations has recognized education as a fundamental human right. It is with this notion that Walk2Learn International (W2LI) seeks to help to help unlock the transformative power of education.


W2LI Educational Resource Donation Initiative:

 We identify some of the poorest, underprivileged and underserved communities in developing countries and donate books and educational resources (computers) as a start to help improve the standard of education in the communities. Once the books and computers are donated to the schools, mandatory W2LI READING CLUBS are set-up. This is an after school program devoted to increasing literacy and fostering the love of reading at all ages.


W2LI Educational Scholarship Fund:

The Walk2Learn Educational Scholarship Fund provides assistance to students who have experienced such harsh conditions but have excelled and are focused to earn a college degree and achieve their fullest potential. Walk2Learn International administers the fund and it is available to underprivileged students who have demonstrated average or higher than average achievement in school. It is awarded annually.


W2LI Disability Initiative:

Our disability initiative offers opportunities and support to individuals with disability to enable them to realize their potential in order to achieve their fullest potential. The initiative includes improving education, training, and employment opportunities for individuals with disability. We seek to build effective community partnerships that leverage public and private resources to better serve individuals with disabilities and improve employment outcomes. As such, our organization donates Braille books and resources to the blind to help with their development.




“Education is a fundamental right and the basis for progress in every country. Parents need information about health and nutrition if they are to give their children the start in life they deserve. Prosperous countries depend on skilled and educated workers. The challenges of conquering poverty, combating climate change and achieving truly sustainable development in the coming decades compel us to work together. With partnership, leadership and wise investments in education, we can transform individual lives, national economies and our world” -Ban Ki-Moon, United Nations-Secretary-General