The SAVE program educates and support midwives in learning new and innovative ways of health delivery to decrease the prevalence child-morbidity during pregnancy and at birth in low and middle income countries.


C.O.W Mobile Health Initiative (C.O.W):

The Clinic on Wheels Initiative is a mobile health van that will provide quality health care services primarily to children, adults and seniors in underserved communities. The services will include; physical exams, health screenings, immunizations, nutritional counseling and health education.


National Health Drug Distribution:

T.R.E.A.T™ (Test, Restore, Empower, Action and Treat): The T.R.E.A.T program is dedicated to supplying medications to patients in underserved communities who have been diagnosed with diseases, but do not have access to medications for treatment due to their low income level. The T.R.E.A.T program aims to restore optimal health of patients through the empowerment of disease management by taking responsibility of their own treatment of care.